Helping Pets Behave Beautifully

When your pet is struggling with behaviour issues it can be hard to know where to turn to for help. The internet has all sorts of information and quick fixes. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how to “fix” the problem, and it can become very confusing very quickly.
You are not alone – I can help you!

From canine separation anxiety, to small furries behaviour problems, I’m here to help your pet become beautifully behaved. I offer bespoke online or in-person help that doesn’t cut corners and results in long-term change.

Effective, Fear Free Training

At Beautifully Behaved Training, we believe every pet has the potential to be an extraordinary companion. We’re dedicated to helping pet owners develop the best qualities in their pets through professional, compassionate, and effective training programs. Whether you’re struggling with basic obedience or dealing with more complex behavioural issues, I am here to guide you every step of the way!
We use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviour, building training sessions around the understanding and trust between you and your pet. We tailor our approach to suit the individual needs of each pet and owner, ensuring that sessions are engaging, educational, and ultimately effective.

We recognize that small animals also benefit greatly from structured training and enrichment. We offer training designed to cater to the unique needs of smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Through gentle, positive reinforcement techniques, we teach your small companions basic commands, litter training, and how to interact with their environment and handlers safely.

These sessions not only enhance your pet’s mental stimulation and overall well-being but also strengthen the bond between you and your small animal. Whether you’re looking to address specific behavioral issues or simply enrich your pet’s life through learning, our expert trainers are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Separation anxiety impacts countless dogs every year. Being a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) involves a specialized focus on addressing and alleviating separation anxiety in dogs. As a CSAT, professionals undergo comprehensive training that equips them with the tools and methodologies necessary to help dogs overcome this distressing condition. This role requires a deep understanding of canine behavior, particularly the signs and symptoms of separation anxiety, as well as the underlying psychological factors that contribute to it.

CSATs work closely with dog owners to develop customized, step-by-step training programs conducted in the dog’s home environment, ensuring the comfort and safety of the animal. The work is highly rewarding, as it not only improves the quality of life for dogs but also for their human companions, fostering a better relationship and alleviating the stress associated with leaving pets alone at home.

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