Force free, friendly training

I work both in person and online with owners and their animals to help them become beautifully behaved. I use positive training techniques to build lasting results. Positive training and rewards can help owners build trust with their companion animals, encourage animals to want to work towards their owners goals, and is fun for both owners and animals alike.
I never use positive punishment. Punishment can end up causing other behaviour issues, making training more like a game of whack-a-mole. It is extremely frustrating and hurtful for owners and pets alike. It can destroy bond between you and your animal, and breaks trust which is incredibly difficult to rebuild. Finally, it breeds anxiety and can result in defensive aggression, which can lead to animals lashing out when they are pushed too far. Animals don’t understand what “guilt” and “shame” are (even if they look like they do)- the behaviours we atribute to “guilt” and “shame” are more likely to be fear of punishment.
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