The Programme

As a CSAT (Canine Separation Anxiety Trainer) I have been trained on how to safely help your dog with its separation anxiety. The treatment will take time and patience, but together recovery can often be achieved! The programme we work on together is effective and simple for the humans to follow. At every step of the way I will be on hand for support and guidance so you won’t have to face any of it alone. The programme we will follow is outlined as:

1: To get started we’ll have a free chat. This is so I can understand the situation and ask any questions I need to.

2: No-one is at their best when they’re unwell, this applies to your dog too. Because of this I will need a veterinary referral to make sure there’s nothing else that may be influencing your dog’s behaviour.
3: We will have an initial assessment where I will watch your dog when you leave your home. This will allow me to assess how they behave and why and plan the next steps forward. Afterwards I will send you a personalised report that details the observed behaviours and how we are going to try and resolve their anxiety.
4: After the assessment we will begin the protocol. This will be designed specifically around your dog’s unique needs. We will meet once a week and I will leave you homework to do for another four days of the week. Everyone needs a break so there will be two days off every week. We do this for a minimum of 6 weeks and we can extend the amount of time you’re working with me for as long as you and your dog needs my help.
Throughout the programme we will always be in close contact, so if there are any bumps in the road I’m able to point you in the right direction.
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