Small Furries

Working with small furry pets on all behaviour problems. • Toileting troubles
• Fear-based behaviours
• Aggression
• Chewing
• Destruction
• Bonding problems
• Hiding
• Adjustment problems
• Multi-pet household problems

Your training programme:

Begin by booking in a FREE CHAT with me so we can discuss the issues and I can lay out the best plan forward. From there I will need a veterinary referral before we have our initial assessment so I can gather a full history. Once the assessment is completed I will send you a comprehensive written report detailing the potential reasons behind the behaviour and why it’s happening. I will also send you the necessary training materials. From there we will use an online diary system where I will monitor progress and give you further help and instructions in accordance with the behaviour modification plan we have in place. Outside of the diary system I will be available through emails, phone calls, and video conferencing to help and support you. Further in person sessions can be arranged as necessary.
Each training plan will be bespoke and unique to you and your pet. Because of this my fee may differ based on the level of support you will need. After our free chat I will be able to expand upon the fees for your case.
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